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01 Jun 2017

Guinea pigs should be eating and defecating regularly. But if you noticed that your cavy hasn’t touched his food and there is less fecal material being passed, he may have ileus. The condition is caused by the accumulation of gas in the stomach and intestines due to lack of normal movement of the gastrointestinal tract (peristalsis). With no food coming in and gas building up, the condition can become very life-threatening and your pet needs immediate veterinary attention.

Ileus can occur secondary to an underlying health issue or as a result of stress which can cause your pet to stop eating. Being infested by lice, an upper respiratory tract infection, moving your pet’s cage, or the arrival of a new guinea pig can stress your cavies so much so that they stop eating and suffer from ileus.

Any change in your pet’s eating habits should be brought to the attention of your Savannah, GA veterinarian. Click here to know more.


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